The Impact of Changes to Labor Laws on Politics in Boise, Idaho

This article examines how changes to labor laws have impacted politics in Boise, Idaho. It looks at how population growth due to immigration has altered the state's Republican political base.

The Impact of Changes to Labor Laws on Politics in Boise, Idaho

Idaho has long been renowned as a haven for retired law enforcement personnel. Burgoyne has encountered his own uphill battle in the state. Despite this, he has yet to receive a full hearing on the bill in the Senate State Affairs Committee, where it has been left untouched since January. Stephanie Gull is a final year journalism student at Boise State University and editor of the school's newspaper, The Arbiter. She is expected to graduate next July and intends to pursue a career as a reporter.

In addition to his enthusiasm for writing, he also enjoys traveling, attending concerts and consuming copious amounts of coffee. From our perspective in Seattle, it is easy to assume that the influx of people into Idaho would lead to a more moderate political stance. At 29 years old, I find Idaho and its politics to be a welcome respite and I hope that it will remain as it is, allowing me to start a family and be successful. Idaho maintained its Republican political base until, a decade after the beginning of the current century, population growth due to immigration began to alter the dynamics.

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