Political Decisions in Boise, Idaho: What Do Residents Think?

Idahoans were asked about their attitudes towards major issues such as education, budget and taxes, criminal justice, and environment. Learn more about what Russ Fulcher, Kaylee Peterson, and Darian Drake think.

Political Decisions in Boise, Idaho: What Do Residents Think?

Idahoans were asked about their views on the major issues and priorities facing the state, such as education, budget and taxes, criminal justice, and the environment. Both Idaho seats in the U. S. House of Representatives are up for re-election in November, with Republican Russ Fulcher, Libertarian Darian Drake, and Democrat Kaylee Peterson on the ballot.

Fulcher has a long history in Idaho, having worked at Micron, a semiconductor design company founded in Boise in 1978. He was one of the first to assume an international business development position for the company, which took him to many different countries. Fulcher was one of 139 House Republicans who voted against certifying the results of the elections, and one of 126 House Republicans who signed an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to prevent several states from certifying the results of the elections. Fulcher disagreed with the tax components of the American Rescue Plan and joined Governor Brad Little in saying that the bill would help large Democratic-leaning states at the expense of Idaho. He described the infrastructure bill as a “bargaining chip” to pass the Build Back Better bill, which was never passed in Congress, and voted against other bills because of objections to what he considered exorbitant federal spending.

Fulcher also spoke out against appropriations in the funding allocation process, including a recent appropriations bill that included 13 project requests for infrastructure projects in Rep. Mike Simpson's district on the east side of Idaho. If Fulcher had his way, Idaho's federal lands would be returned to the state for management. He believes that revenue streams would increase and resources would generate more benefits if state agencies managed the land. He also wants to ensure that Idaho receives money for those lands through payment rather than tax programs, better known as PILT and Secure Rural Schools. Kaylee Peterson is one of the youngest people running for office this year in Idaho.

She has two children under 10 years old at home and worked full time on two associate degrees from the College of Western Idaho before her campaign for Congress began. Peterson wants to keep public land under federal control because it is the most cost-effective option for a state like Idaho with a small population and a large amount of wild land, and because it prevents land from being sold to private interests. Health care is also one of her top priorities, especially as it provides the federal Veterans Affairs agency with all the resources it needs to address veterans' physical or mental health needs. Darian Drake is running for office as a Libertarian candidate this year. He is quick to say that he is running for office as a civic duty, not because he wants power or authority.

As a libertarian, Drake opposes any federal agency involvement in education and wants more school options in Idaho. He also wants to return to a gold and silver currency standard to move away from the U. Federal Reserve, stop all foreign participation in the military, and repeal any mandate related to vaccines or other health care matters.

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